93-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

April 2nd, 2552 Just Friends
Tow Truck Driver/Schroedinger’s Kat/ – Katherine ‘ConV’ James Reporting

I did finally take pity on Fipps, and accepted that in his world we’re ‘just friends.’ I mean, I was trying to be funny and while his reaction was rather comical— ultimately I guess the joke was on me.

Tower told me not to feel bad, that Fipps is much more comfortable with things he can quantify and qualify. I didn’t bring up the half-dead cat, or the fact that now I”m wondering if half-dead cats have a half-life.

As it was I had another round of paradoxes and debates where I was the subject of the debate, but not allowed to participate.

Mac brought me some new parts and while I can’t work directly on my Gumbo, I can work on the improvements we plan on attaching to her once people calm down. Unfortunately, one of the wonder mechanics caught me with a welding torch in my hands and threw a hissy-fit.

I finally threw down my welding glove at their feet, declaring that if they don’t let me work on my ship, then odds are— their ship is going to go away, and all they’ll have is the 1.3 and whatever changes I make. It’s as plausible as their theories but since it came from me, they again dismissed it. Until I inscribed my feelings on the nose of the Gumbo— and acid on the nose of the 5.7 and brought out the etching.

Of course, I did it the wrong way and now I have to wait three weeks, which was when I scheduled to put the new arm with the additional sensors on the Gumbo. If they vanish from the 5.7, then they’ll talk to me.

They think they’re giving me three weeks to cool down and forget about it. Don’t they know— I have a calendar and a long memory, and compliments of Mac, a pen.

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