171-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

June 19th, 2552 Meet the Old One.
Part-time mechanic/sometimes suspect Kat James Reporting

In light of the new concordance, carefully disguised of sheer terror of doing something wrong, we met onboard the Parataph command ship. Her name translated into something like Star Dragon, or Dragon eater of stars— they’re language is a little tricky when it comes to syntax – kind of fitting for a species that bounces around the galaxy.

The top brass, a contingent of Einherjar, Our chief Medical officer, Dr. Takahashi, and me. At least we had established that everyone knew about what we’d seen and we agreed that this moment, which we all knew we were still skirting, couldn’t occur.

There was an emptiness that came with those explosions and emptiness that could eat a black hole and no one like that idea.

After a lot of negotiating with our senior officers and Dr. Takahashi, it was decided that one of the Parataph healers… I believe they said healers of spirits would interview me.

The only problem with that was the fact that they agreed— I didn’t. Something told me that having someone creep around in my head was a really, really bad idea.

I didn’t know how bad until the healer and I met up with the Old One. She was me, but so not me it wasn’t even real— and I could suddenly understand why I couldn’t connect with her/me – she’d been avoiding me.

One moment I’m fighting having the Parataph healer in my head, the next there were three of us and let’s just say that the Old One was not happy. I could feel the well turning and we were slipping closer and closer to that big exploding vision.

Then we were back on board the Parataph ship and the healer was shouting orders. I couldn’t hear her voice against the explosions in my head, and when the sound was finally fading, I found myself on the shuttle with Tower piloting— when did he learn to do that?

And my head feeling like I’d just come off a three-day bender. Our people were here, and so was the Parataph healer, watching over me worriedly.

I offered no resistance when they walked me to medical where I fell asleep. When I woke, Takahashi was dozing in the chair next to me, Tower stood at the foot of my bed and Lil’bit was curled up on my pillow, grooming my ear.

I looked at Tower, and all he said was, “We’ll talk later.”

I probably would have argued, but my head hurt too much and I didn’t want to disturb Lil’.

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