A(nother) Year in Seattle

About this time 18 years ago, I had just finished “A Year in Seattle” where I told a story in journal format – posting one entry a day for a year.  When I started I doubted I’d make it, but by the time I finished, I was hooked.  I lasted, maybe a week before my mind went back to Jess and posting daily.

There were changes in her life, and I wanted to play a little bit more in with the existing modules – I picked up Jess’ story 2 years later and continued posting.

While I’d planned to write another full year, the story ended about 3/4 of the way through.  I was faced with a decision – end the story early, and end it well or drag it out a few months and meet the year-long project goal at the cost of the story.

I ended it early.  So… I worked my way through the beginning of the Archology Shutdown and put Jess in the middle of it.  (I will be editing and reposting here as I did for “A Year in Seattle”

(and this is me going through the series and trying to decide if I want to go back and do a 4th Year in Seattle)

Drop me a line, let me know what you think…

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