Flash Friday – Destroyer of Words

This week, I’ll share my FlashFriday entry – and just tell you that the word count bounced from 175 to 195… hovered at 159 for a while before going back up to 165 and finally ending at 151.

The prompt:

Past and Present No 2, by Augustust Leopold Egg, 1858. Public domain photo.

The challenge element: Coming of age.

My inspiration: I took one glance at the mirror on the table and thought ‘Flat screen monitor.’  Can you say “hopeless computer nerd?  I knew you could.

The final story as posted:

Destroyer of Worlds.

(151 words)

Ilse gently ran a hand through her son’s hair as he rested fitfully. Soon, he would terrorize the lands, but for now– in this moment, he wasn’t the monster they feared… he was her beloved son, Eric.

She did her best to enjoy their last peaceful moments together, but he was too close to adulthood now. There was nothing she could do.

“Remember, you’re my son and I love you no matter what,” she whispered.

She stifled a gasp when she saw the circle of light in the window behind her… it was full now… what would come next was inevitable.

As if he sensed the change, her son rose and gave her an almost evil smile. She watched in horror as he transformed before her.

He was longer Eric, he was Koltath the Destroyer, and with the expansion pack now downloaded and installed he would dominate in World of Warcraft.


May 12, 2014

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