In My Youth I See…

Flashback #2 it was with my participation certificate, tucked in the back.  I was 15… (and in addition to yellowing stained paper we had all my notes, with parts to emphasize highlighted, and my combination of musical notation, inspiring quotes like ‘Take it easy, dummy!’, and doodles. )


In My Youth I See

In my youth I see our world, with its history and its present, but most of all I see its future.  I see that we are the future of our world and our people. We are the ones who will decide what will happen tomorrow.

We are the key to it all… The problem is the future, we are the solution. We are our own destiny.

With the problem I see a challenge.  A challenge for each and every one of us.  The challenge is this… build a better world!

To construct a better world we must have a plan, and to have this plan work we all must help in realizing the goals we have set.

Most people think that it will take some-one special to help the world… they’re right, it takes some-one very special.

The next time you look in the mirror, look closely, you’ll see that some-one special.

WE all have that something special. It’s in your life, your mind and your heart. That something special is what makes you, you. It’s your individuality.

I see that we all have a chance with our lives to really do something worth while for the world. We can’t just throw that chance away, because what we’d be throwing away is our lives.

We all have our own special gift to give to all mankind. When that gift is given we may not know what we’ve given or received. In our just being here we have given something and received something.

I see that the world can be a wonderful place, if we only try to make it better. We cannot just sit still and wait for changes to happen, we must make them happen. Now is the time because if an unwanted change does take place, who’s to say what might have been if we had only tried when we had the chance.

We are all journeying to a better tomorrow, and our lives are that journey. Where we go and how far is up to us… TODAY.

With the things I have seen, I know that we can make it, if we just face forward and take our journeying to the future. It can be done, it must be done.

Some people say that the sky is the limit. I say that where the future is concerned, there is no limit, if we work together.

In my youth I see the world differently than others, but if we look with the wisdom we have acquired and the youth that is within our hearts, we’ll see the world the same.

No matter how bad things may get, we must go on, for stopping means failure. And if we set our minds to it, we cannot be stopped.

Look around the world and ask yourself what you can do. once you find the answer, do it. Open the door to the future and then don’t look back.

We hold the key to the future, and to open the door we all must work together. By opening the door, we will have accepted the challenge.  We will find many obstacles in our way, but together we will make it and the future will be ours.

Come with me, accept the challenge, build a better world.  We can do it, and nothing will stand in our way!


Admittedly, my views were very naive – I forgot the part where we all have to agree on what a better world is – but it does make me want to make a difference again.  I try, as a writer, as a volunteer to at least make my part of the world better.  I wonder what 15 year old me would think of what I’ve done so far.

I can still see part of her looking at me and wondering.  I’m still an idealist and a dreamer, but I’m a tad more cynical about it.

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