Windows 10 – One feature that makes it worthwhile

When I’m not writing, or writing about writing… I’m a software developer with enough slashes after it to cover all things software, and more than a few hardware oriented geekly tasks.  It means wearing a lot of different hats, and having a big heaping pile of open windows on my desk top at any given time

I’ll be working on testing one thing and be asked to look into an issue a client is having when suddenly someone I contacted last week calls and is ready to handle the service call I tried to schedule.

Having to juggle windows, and minimize everything so I can take care of issue C, means losing which windows were related to issue A and which were issue B (not to mention issue P which is tied to my email and helpdesk software which I just accidentally closed rather than minimize when I scrambled to get everything ready for issue C.)

I have actually made it to step A: “Please give me a minute…”

But there’s still that upheaval as everything related to issue A and issue B are turned into a ton of open windows with no immediate reference as to which windows, browser and or applications are associated with which.

Enter Windows 10, Virtual Desktops.  Now , instead of opening everything on one screen/desktop or getting a second screen on your computer (which I also like) you can open a virtual desktop- group all the applications and windows associated with issue A on one desktop, all of B’s windows open on another desktop– and when that client calls… you can open desktop #3 and use that window to load what you need to assist your client without having to go back at the end and sort through which apps were open for which task.

You simply swipe from the left side (touch screen) or click the icon in the tool tray and you can not only switch to an open item, you can switch to a new desktop and load what you need there.

Now that is something I can really use, and makes the switch to 10  a worthwhile process.

My 2 cents, your mileage may vary.


November 5, 2015

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