Yet A(nother) Year in Seattle – Week 22 – Getting to know the players

Yet A(nother) Year In Seattle

Sunday, May 23, 2066 – Council Island Stand-off

We had an interesting guest for dinner today. It seems that Nathan made an… interesting… impression on Lone Star’s Magical Forensics team, or more to the point one Tabitha McAndles.

Now, the interesting thing is Tabitha is almost as magical as I am. Why you ask is a brick on the forensics team? To watch over the team, and it seems that protection is also extended to consultants at least when they are working with the team.

After several days of working with Nathan and seeing him in action… well, let’s just say protecting Nathan is a lot like protecting me-especially when we’re on the job.

At least now she knows just how safe he is when he’s with family.

I think she had a hard time wrapping her head around our family of armed medics, shaman, feds, and doctors.

As she was trying figure it out I looked at her and shrugged, “It works.”

Monday, May 24, 2066 – Countdown

The pattern is closing in. It’s only a matter of days now, longer if we’re lucky but that’s not the way it feels. I’ve spent most of the day going through the cases for the last year trying to establish a pattern but I’ve had no luck yet.

So far the only thing I’ve gotten is a headache. Mom Walker has the lodge working on it while Nathan continues to work with Lone Star, but we don’t seem to be getting any closer to having it figured out.

I’m beginning to wonder if we could just ward the entire city but that kind of power is too much to ask for-even for me.

But a girl can hope.

Tuesday, May 25, 2066 – Invincible until you hit the wall.

The best thing I can say about today is ‘it‘ didn’t happen today. It was close. There was another ‘incident’ underground: an accident where several of the track workers fell victim to methane gas.

We almost lost a medic who was answering the call. We got lucky there… or they were saved because their boss is paranoid and has tried very hard to drum into their heads that they are not invincible.

Oddly enough, Tabitha seems to be having issues with Nathan’s seeming inability to accept his own limitations.

It would seem she tried to read him the riot act. I left when he was complaining to Jonathan and Case. I figured it was ‘man’ talk.

Oddly enough all they said was “He’s got it bad.” And “Oh yeah.”

Wednesday, May 26, 2066 – Gooped

The good news: I don’t think Jonathan’s going to be teased about shocking me this time. There is, however, the matter of the flame retardant goop and convincing everyone that it wasn’t my way of ‘getting even’.

Everything went down about the way we thought it would. There was an attack on the Sound which had almost everyone occupied when a fire broke out midtown. Case had been helping with the Sound, keeping people away from the two, yes two water elementals who seemed to be working out their own version of water polo using a ferry and a cruise ship as the goal posts.

I had to all but agree to be handcuffed to Jonathan to help with the fire. I couldn’t work it remotely since what we really needed were bodies moving equipment. I wasn’t allowed to actually work the fire, but I was quite capable of hooking up the equipment for those who were.

I couldn’t not work it. At least Jonathan understood that. We thought it would be safe-being on the ground level. But the elemental was waiting, not in the fire-it was waiting for Jonathan.

Somehow it was feeding off of Thunderbird’s power… it was growing stronger, and Jonathan was growing weaker. I managed to get into a fire suit but there was nothing I could do about the elemental… well… almost nothing.

All I can say is a full load of fire-resistant goop dropped from the proper height hurts. We were being hosed off when Nathan and Tabitha showed up.

Nathan looked at me… shook his head.

“What did you do?”

I looked at him. “Well… I didn’t know what to do… and I guess ‘panic’ isn’t the right word…I just…”

“Did something stupid?”

I shook my head. He was asking for it. “Well, I thought ‘what would Nathan do?'”

He laughed and shook his head. “Let’s just get J cleaned up before he wakes up…”

I am so not going to live this down.

Thanks once again to Follower for the use of Nathan. (Nathan’s dialog supplied by Follower)

Thursday, May 27, 2066 – on remote

You know, I hate it when I’m right. At breakfast this morning, Jonathan kept giving me worried looks and then scanning the skies for incoming remotes.

That kept up until Mom Walker stepped in and told him enough was enough. That should have been it, but then she looked at me and warned me “no remotes at the table.”

Sometimes I think it would have been easier to let the elemental do whatever it was assigned to do… but then I’d be in trouble for being out without Jonathan.

Now it’s just a question of paperwork and of course-looking for signs of the next one.

You know being kidnapped and taken south doesn’t sound all that bad now.

Friday, May 28, 2066 – Gather ye medics while ye may

I spent an interesting morning with Detective Tabitha McAndles as she followed up with me on my findings and got my impressions of what had happened Wednesday.

I tried to tell her that Jonathan would be a better source of useful information since the attack was magical in nature but she insisted she wanted my point of view of things. I guess being the only non-magical member of her team, working with trends and statistics is a refreshing return to ‘normal’ or what passes for normal in my neck of the woods.

Charlie came at mid-day to go over the reports and to give me a candle that smelled an awful lot like the flame retardant we use. It was a gift for Jonathan. Who said teasing was limited to immediate family.

You can usually tell how stressful things have been by the degree of teasing and pranks going on. Unless I’m missing my signs, there’s a lot of it.

I asked Charlie to call an all-hands meeting. If we’re feeling it-then maybe there’s more to the stress than just ‘a lot happening.’

The more details you get the better the picture, and the only way to do that is to talk. We’re meeting Tuesday. It’ll be a good time to unwind and review after the Memorial Day weekend… and well… I’ve always found that meetings involving potato salad are less stressful than ones involving assemblies and pomp.

Saturday, May 29, 2066 – Moving forward

It never ceases to amaze me how people can take a holiday to honor and remember people who sacrificed so much for the people of this nation and turn it into a political statement… or try to.

We were prepared for accidents, distracted drivers, people celebrating a little too liberally but not for someone trying to turn into an anti Meta message. Three armed men tried to storm the underground.

Fortunately for all parties involved the Star was there along with several private security firms. They were sponsoring a fundraiser for those suffering from SURGE. The attackers didn’t stand a chance

If things calm down-if IA finds nothing else… if Case is convinced we’ll be safe, we’ll be home June 5th. But it’s still a lot of ifs and we still have two more days of ‘holiday’ to get through.

I’m not holding my breath… too much.

Copyright 2010 M.T. Decker

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