107-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

April 16th, 2552 Out to get me
Hitter of Heavy bags/Schroedinger’s Clay Pigeon/ part-time Tech – Katherine ‘ConV’ James Reporting

Well, either they’re trying to kill me or just gaslight me. Either way will work at this point.

I do a lot of dangerous work these days, hell, living on the Twilight of the Gods is like living on a ghost ship where the ghosts are hospitable to the point they want you to stay, forever.

I heard the saboteurs again. I had just finished clearing some combustibles off of one of the air scrubbers I was sitting there, in a rigging harness to get them when two people walked in and discussed the fact that they were going to have to do something soon.

Something about running out of time and needing to make sure that ‘she’ was taken care of. Something about her never making it to Baljatun. I’m not sure who ‘she’ is, but with the number of times I’ve almost died this week— I’m willing to bet it’s me.

And I was sitting, right there, about 200 meters over their heads, not that I had an angle to see them, but all they had to do was look up. That realization nearly did their work for them.

To make things even worse, I couldn’t ‘tell it to the bag’ tonight because there were too many people in the gym. I’ve written down what I know, using my diary writing – which Mac and Tower know — and put it in Mac’s inbox.

I hope it’s enough. I’ll have to try the bag in the morning.

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