108-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

April 17th, 2552 Dark
Hitter of Heavy bags/Schroedinger’s Clay Pigeon/ part-time Tech – Katherine ‘ConV’ James Reporting

We’ve been duped by someone who not only understands our bureaucracy, they knew how to manipulate it and us, to create the perfect disaster waiting to wipe us all out. The only reason we aren’t dead is because they didn’t want to tip us off.

If I hadn’t seen them my own eyes- I would have told you I’d lost it. If they hadn’t been caught on the ship’s recorder, the brass would have said I tried to kill us all. As it was, I managed to save the Gumbo and most of the people on board the Twilight.

The future Gumbo and all the official docs on her were lost. The unofficial docs are safely tucked away with a platoon of Enherjar watching over them. We also lost several people who were working on the ship when she blew and the Twilight of the Gods is no more.

Right before the ship went, as we were lifting off, I saw the two mechanics who’d taken my ship down to the bolts take off their skins and dive into space. The ship’s sensors showed a ship hovering outside the blast range – just this side of invisible. They swam to it and then vanished in the shockwave that nearly took us all out.

No more Twilight, no more Gumbo 5.7.

From where I’m sitting— I don’t think the future is a very good place for us.

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