109-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

April 18th, 2552 Noodling
Apprentice Mechanic/Survivor of The Second Twilight of the Gods Katherine ‘ConV’ James Reporting

It’s been a long time since a 9th day fell on a day where something hadn’t gone wrong. That in and of itself was refreshing. My quarters are now more cramped since they’ve added a few more ‘less than trustworthy’ individuals to the ranks of the not-so trusted trustees.

I’ve got three bunkmates instead of one, in addition to my musician/attempted murderer, we have one corpsman who was running a betting pool on when we’d lose the Twilight of the Gods and one man who was running a concession stand with everything from contraband to medical furloughs.

I’m not sure if I’m moving up in the world or down, but I really didn’t have time for it. After I went over every system in my Gumbo, I started doing puzzles, like figuring out where I’d gotten the changes to my code. Tower stopped by and between him, me, and Mac it looked like we were playing an odd combination of charades, pictionary, and password with a hint of what’s my line.

Still no clue, but it was interesting trying to noodle it out.

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