110-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

April 19th, 2552 Murphy’s Lucky Kat
Survivor of The Second Twilight of the Gods Incident/Schrodinger’s Undead Kat Reporting

I’m beginning to think if this Schrodinger guy and Murphy had a child it would be me. I seem to be the unluckiest lucky cat in the universe.

Today started off with salvage operations. A lot of the jump pilots were sent out to gather what parts they could from the Twilight’s debris field, a mission tailor-made for me and the Gumbo, but we’re back to the brass saying that we’re too important to do our jobs.

I was planning on arguing my case before the boss. I had a poignant argument all planned out. I was going to point out that if they didn’t allow me to do my job the Gumbo 5.7 would never come into being. I was going to point to the fact that Gumbo evolved so I could do my work and if I’m not doing that, it’s not evolving.

I was all set… until one of the recovery craft picked up a piece of metal and blew up. I’m still alive because the brass wouldn’t risk me, but someone else is dead. Things only went wrong in the worst possible way for the dead Kat, the alive Kat is still trapped in her box and trying to get out.

This sucks.

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