113-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

April 22nd, 2552 Laying our guns on the table
Survivor of The Second Twilight of the Gods Incident/Schrodinger’s Undead Kat Reporting

The only good thing I can say about today is the fact that, with a reliable witness and video, the brass is now investigating the non-crew. Of course, it took them trying to kill me again, and they would have succeeded if it weren’t for Tower and the Rabbi. The two of them have been my constant shadow as I worked on laying out the frame for the Mark II.

They left me alone to do my work but were watching when the two not crew showed up to finish the job. It helped that one of them was the guard who was supposed to be watching me. The guard who had never left the ship.

Aside from not killing me, thanks to two very ticked off Einherjar, it proved that a) there is a very real threat out there and it hasn’t gone away and b) the data the brass was going off of was tainted.

Unfortunately, it also means that all the notes that survived the fall of the Twilight aren’t worth the plastics they’re scribed on. Well, fortunately for us, they weren’t the only notes

Sometimes it really pays to have paranoid warrior types on your side.

I’m back to working on the Gumbo and the Mark II, under the watchful eyes of people I trust. People who are also investigating the ship and our not-crew.

Fipps is doing the autopsy and comparing my new scars to those he’d recorded on my now missing corpse. It’s really strange working, living like this when you know your atoms are already scattered into the far reaches of space.

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