114-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

April 23rd, 2552 Scribing.
Survivor of The Second Twilight of the Gods Incident/Schrodinger’s Undead Kat Reporting

Today marks the day I would have added the arm to the Gumbo if all these shenanigans hadn’t started happening. Now I’ve got another other job… one that needs to happen like yesterday.

We all knew the arm was on the 7.5 it was in all the notes all the scans that survived, only it wasn’t.

That information simply vanished from the sketches and scans we’d taken with us.

So, I am now going through everything, with Fipps and Mac and to a lesser degree Cookie and Tower, to translate, transcribe and understand the ship’s systems that generations beyond what we know and understand… and yes, I’m keeping them in a journal that is written in my shorthand.

It also means, that every bit of scheduled maintenance and designs I had for the Gumbo are going on – they’re also being added to the Mark II. We’re going to be busy for a while.

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