123-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

May 2nd, 2552 Ghosting
Test Pilot/ Part-time mechanic – Schroedinger’s Kat Reporting

I’m learning more about mechanical engineering and science concepts – it seems to be the only way to survive this mission. It’s amazing how inspiring self-preservation can be. Today was a study in another science Icon – Murphy.

Now Murphy and I were rather well acquainted back home, but in addition to ‘things going bad at the worst possible time’, my corollary was ‘in the weirdest way possible.’ I am happy to report that that factor is still in play.

Fipps’ systems were ready for trial by midday and since we knew the signature we were looking for – we just had to put me out there with some nice juicy concentric circles around me and wait. And wait. And… well, you get the idea.

It wasn’t until I was bringing it all home that the sensors went stark raving mad and it didn’t take me long to realize that a small bed of debris had popped into existence directly in front of me, and then proceeded to follow me as I tried to get out of its path. It would pop out of existence behind me only to appear where I was headed when it vanished.

The ‘weirdest way possible’ in this scenario was when I ended up overloading whatever was moving the pieces around and I discovered that it was targeting the detector. I ended up jettisoning the equipment and pushing off in the other direction as I did.

I completing my dive roll in time to see the detector react with the ships being detected. For a moment, there were seven ships on my horizon and no sign of the rest of the fleet, but I got footage of them on the ship’s recorder. They were like nothing I’d ever seen.

The ships were skeletal, bare-bones and looked more like Geiger had filled in the details on an Escher design based on something by Picasso with a hint of Mercurio and Davidson. And it did look like it spanned that many centuries. Even the colors surrounding them belonged somewhere else.

I only had a few seconds of visual, before everything shifted back to the familiar. Thankfully I had footage because I don’t think anyone believed me when I landed.

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