139-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

May 18th, 2552 Sing along with Aziz
Test Pilot/ Part-time mechanic/un-diplomatic Diplomat, Kat James Reporting

Today, while I was trying to phase with Aziz’s assistance, I slipped out of synch with me. Suddenly I was back on the Twilight of the Gods. I was running a routine maintenance check and I was about to call it when I recognized when and where we were.

I thought about the filters behind the panel where I was standing— I thought hard about them until the younger young me went behind the panel to check, and our two visitors decided to discuss how to get rid of me.

A moment later, I was back on board the Valkyrie’s View with Aziz. I was so angry that I remained focused and didn’t drop to the floor. I just stood there, processing what had happened. I could feel future me and the younger me and I realized— we were all the same, just different points of reference.

I watched as Aziz smiled and nodded as he realized I understood, but I couldn’t help but think that The Enemy somehow knew that I was becoming the one they feared.

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