140-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

May 19th, 2552 Meeting of my minds
Test Pilot/ Part-time mechanic/Young One, Old One, Kat James Reporting

It is one thing to suspect that someone has been pulling your strings, getting you to do things you wouldn’t have thought to do on your own, only to find out that you are the person pulling the strings.
Aziz was trying to explain what had happened earlier, and it was like talking to Fipps about Science: I kinda got it, but I got it all wrong— in the right way.

I’m here because I did something stupid, but I followed it up with something honorable— but there was no real reason for me to know first aid. That’s what mechs, bots and First Resps were for, right? Why would a reasonably reasonable pilot what to learn first aid other than— it seemed interesting at the time?

It seems that while I am too primitive to talk to my past self, I can inspire her to do things, like learn first aid, like learn about Ethics, to endure PT and psych evals, all so that I could end up here with The Fates and the Valkyrie’s View.

I mean, I’ve heard the adage about life’s journey and meeting yourself along the way, but I’m pretty sure they were talking about self discovery not literally meeting yourself, let alone yourself from several different points in time.

Then again, I should learn not to expect normal when it comes to my life— My experience with The Fates are teaching me that.

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