141-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

May 20th, 2552 Learning from the past
Test Pilot/ Part-time mechanic/un-diplomatic Diplomat, Kat James Reporting

Aziz seems to think that since I have talked with the younger young me, I should be able to talk to the Older me and get her perspective. I can’t explain to him how difficult that is. That it’s harder because I at least have a point of reference for the younger me – I remember being there, I remember what happened, I remembered who I was, when it happened, but the Older me— that hasn’t happened yet.

He says it’s the same thing. if I can reach into the past, I can lean into the future and find the Older me. How can I find common ground with a me that hasn’t been in my world, how do I relate someone who’s been through so much more than I have?

Aziz just shakes his head when I try to explain and then says, you will understand when you are Older.

Does that mean the Older me is waiting for me to come to terms with what is happening?

He didn’t say anything, but I know Aziz has decided I’ve had enough for the day. He patted my chest and said, “Tomorrow.”

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