148-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

May 27th, 2552 Jump Points
Guinea Pig/ Part-time mechanic/Canary in search of a coal mine, Kat James Reporting

So- it seems the trick to getting me to shift is to get me bored to the point of tears, talking about scientific theory and shipboard politics, throw in some rules and regulations and then when I space out… I really space out.

Seriously – I may not understand physics, but I’m starting to understand what the Fates do – instead of going from point A to point B traveling in space over time, or folding space, where you join A to B, still linear, but you’re cutting the distance and time by changing the arrangement of A relative to B, The Fates just… shift. They enter a state where there is no A no B, no distance no time. You just spend a moment in a hall of mirrors being everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Then you find the point where you want to be and when you leave the hall of mirrors, you just shift back to yourself at that point.

Easy for them, but right now the most I can pull off is about 40 feet.

Fipps thinks this is just the first step, but he hasn’t seen that hall of mirrors and felt how empty and full it is when you step into it, he’s more interested in amplifying the wave, giving me a better range of motion – something to augment the trip for me.

He said that what he wants to do is link me into the ship – so that it’s part of me and when I coalesce around a spot (his words) the ship can get me there faster.

He lost me when he started talking about harmonics and frequencies and getting the ship to vibrate at the same speed. I almost started to drift until he started talking about certain harmonics and frequencies disrupting the movement and it would be like hitting a brick wall.

That got my attention. I didn’t understand the theory, but I understood what would happen if I hit something that was solid when I was moving that fast.

I managed to not drift for the rest of the day – but I’ll be damned if I understood half of what Fipps was saying.

But he does think that being able to identify the frequency and location means we could create jump points for the fleet to follow.

All I know for sure is: we’re in danger; the enemy is closer than we think; Fipps is hard to follow when he’s excited, and someone is going to get hurt.

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