162-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

June 10th, 2552 Starting something
Part-time mechanic/Jump Gate Engineer Kat James Reporting

Today has been a case of unraveling a long chain of ‘We said, they said.” For once I was glad I wasn’t considered ‘first contact’ material.

Especially when they accused us of invading their space and trying to assure them that we were not using the limited time slip to counteract their actions.

I would not have been nearly as calm when it came to asking about the destruction of the Twilight of the Gods or the attempts on my life. No, that was a little too personal for me.

According to them, we invaded their space, landed the Twilight of the Gods on top of itself and then blew it, and their diplomatic team up when they tried to signal us.

Again, trying to kill me does send a rather strong signal where I come from and it is rarely diplomatic in nature.

There’s an uneasy truce tonight and as such, there is nothing in fabrication and I’m not retrofitting any ships – we’re on hold, while we try to find some common ground.

At least their talking now instead of slipping in and out and randomly trying to get rid of me and the Mark 7.5, not that I’d know until they tried— but they’d have to get through an entire ship’s complement of Einherjar to do it.

It’s good to have friends, but it does make brushing your teeth a little difficult.

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