161-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

June 9th, 2552 What Goes Around
Part-time mechanic/Jump Gate Engineer Kat James Reporting

As the retro fit progressed, I was beginning to feel hopeful that we’d be able to turn things around, and it looked like we might be on the safer side of things when The Enemy fleet shifted into our plane around us.

Three Darts had just gone into the well when they broadcast a message to our entire fleet. They were broadcasting at 236 Mhz, and all the new-would be Jump Gate Pilots who were in the well when it just vanished. I’m hoping they manage to slip somewhere in the hall of mirrors but I’m not holding my breath.

They broadcast, then waited for a response. I don’t think they got the fact that it took us 10 minutes to figure out what frequency they were using and then another five to find their transmission

Translating however was not an issue, seeing as how they had taken the time to learn our language.

They demanded that we cease and desist all slip technology and turn over the war criminal. They then transmitted images of me.

Fortunately, the Brass remembered me saving half the fleet so they were at least a little protective.

Negotiations begin in the morning.

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