160-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

June 8th, 2552 Jump Gate Engineer
Rescue Pilot/ Part-time mechanic/Jump Gate operator Kat James Reporting

My new official designation is Jump-Gate Engineer, which is cool, even if it isn’t accurate. I know that I’m one of the few pilots who can trigger a well, and use it to go where I want, and I can retrofit with the best of them, but that’s all I do.

I don’t understand how it works, I didn’t design the equipment I’m adding to the darts and the probe ships. But, I’m just connecting wires and making sure the rig doesn’t come off during operation.
I’d hate to think about what would happen if a ship was caught in the well when it collapsed. So, yes, I was very thorough about the retrofit.

In the morning, after each ship was fitted, I’d go out with the pilot— first in Gumbo, then in their ship and lead them through the process. They would practice while I fitted the next ship.

Of course, I was only allowed into the well four times after yesterday’s performance, but by then Dancer had a decent feeling for it and we had another five pilots learning

Once we had the process down we expanded. Folks fabrication would finish a device, I’d install it, Dancer would do the walkthrough.

Today Valkyrie’s View, tomorrow the Fleet.

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