159-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

June 7th, 2552 Happy Landings
Rescue Pilot/ Part-time mechanic/Jump Gate operator Kat James Reporting

I’m pretty sure I lost a day or three in there, but since we got back to the fleet today, I’ll just do my update with today’s date.

To be honest I kind of lost track of how many times I was in and out of the well. All I do know is, we’re home, with the rest of the fleet. I managed to land the Gumbo on the right ship— I missed my landing bay by two, but I got us down safe and sound.

I remember being called to the bridge, but somewhere between landing bay 13 and the bridge, I kind of fell unconscious. By the time I woke up, they were briefed and my services were needed in the landing bay.

I’ve been put on retrofit duty.

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