183-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

July 1st, 2552 – A blast to the past
Part-time mechanic/sometimes suspect Kat James Reporting

You know— having people able to slip in and out of spaces is bad enough, but when its you, slipping in from the future, especially after you’ve told people in no uncertain terms that you’re not to do that with me- ever, and then turn around and do it yourself – well, that’s cheating.

I was in the hangar working on the 7.5 when the old one pretty much yelled at me that someone was coming to hurt Druckab. And Damn if they didn’t – We had just enough time to shout a warning when something big, almost Minotaur-like creature showed up and shoved Tower out of the way, almost goring him in the process. I was able to sound the alarm and hold him off with a blow-torch but— how do you fight something that can slip in and out of a ship at will.

It tried to take the model with it as it vanished but again, the blow-torch worked wonders.
While the medics worked on Druckab and Tower – I started working out why the alarms didn’t go off. At least I now know who/what the Ani are – and it seems we’re at war.

I reported to Fipps and we’re working on something that will keep an area locked down from incoming slips – it looks like something we’ve needed for a while and it seems that the materials we couldn’t identify are key. At least Druckab is now willing to tell us a lot more.

Druckab has given us a map of where we need to go to get the raw ore we’ll need to create shielding necessary to keep us from slipping into each other— and to keep anyone from slipping inside our ships.

It’s only a month or two too late, but better than never I guess

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