184-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

July 2nd, 2552 – What have we gotten ourselves into?
Part-time mechanic/sometimes suspect Kat James Reporting

One of the nice things about having Druckab on our side is the fact that we now know a lot more about the Parataph, the Ani, and how we fit in in this stretch of Space.

The Parataph are not one species, they are many, and within the member species of the Paratraph, many, including Druckab’s people have clans – The Ani are part of his species, but a very aggressive clan, since we have defended him, the Ani have declared war on us.

But, since Tower risked his life to protect Druckab, he is now considered one of Druckab’s clan. I’m more like a second cousin twice removed, since I wasn’t injured— but I did hold off the attacking Ani until help could arrive.

It means we’re getting a lot more information and that makes the sociologists happy – Tactically speaking we have a lot more problems than we ever dreamed we’d have.

The only really bright side is, we are so far from home that it is highly unlikely that they will be hitting home any time soon.

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