195-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

July 13th, 2552 – Moonglow
Decoy Pilot/Pest control Specialist/sometimes suspect Kat James Reporting

So- it would seem that the life cycle of the fireflies is just enough that I can kill off a bunch of them and we have maybe 12 hours to work without the fireflies before they start building up again.

So, this morning was spent being hyper-vigilant followed by about two hours of aerial acrobatics, and random slides into space and then back again. The last run, I misjudged slightly— too many jumps and ended up having to set down on the moon (which means me and my ship were quarantined while they performed scans on her and made sure I hadn’t picked up any unwanted passengers.

I did however get some very interesting readings off of the moon itself. According to the folks in astronomy, the moon is actually a piece of debris that fell into planetary orbit and it is full of minerals and elements that have the geologists and metallurgists salivating.

So, while the planet has been classified as interesting, the moon has become a valuable commodity. Go figure.

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