196-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

July 14th, 2552 – Point of origin
Decoy Pilot/Pest control Specialist/sometimes suspect Kat James Reporting

Today we focused on the moon, so instead of running decoy, I ended up in the Gumbo shuttling samples from probe craft to a temporary pontoon craft that was serving as a base between the moon’s surface and the rest of the fleet. While my role was strictly that of the haul and tote variety, the science teams were going to town and running analyses and falling over themselves for the chance to name the new elements and research not only their properties but how they would react if smelted into new metals.

I believe they figured out which ores would produce the unknown metals in the 7.5.

That should have been more than enough to keep us busy for years, but of course, the different departments had to get into it. Astronomy and physics started working together looking for the origin of the moon, the bio teams were scanning for signs of living matter, while metallurgy and research worked on the possible uses for the new metals.

That would have been interesting on their own, but Fipps had asked them to check out what would happen if you ran a sound wave through them, say something at 237 Hz. I don’t know how that worked out – I was loading up with samples when they did.

All I know is, I was told to rest and something about needing it.

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