233-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

August 20th, 2552 – R&R&R
Pilot/Mechanic/Jump-Gate Navigator/Grunt Kat “S-Kat” James Reporting

I have been cleared for light duty after yesterday’s adventure, which is actually better than my drill instructor got. Given the choice of running through the course without a gun or taking a demotion and being relegated to a subordinate position, he opted for a tribunal.

I’m not sure if my assignment sprang out of the desire to help him or to protect me, but I’ve been given dispatches to take to Dancer’s Retreat.

My orders were to take the messages to Dancer’s Retreat – remain there until I had replies and a full cargo bay – in a 10 section hauler. I’m not sure what they’re expecting me to bring back, but I think a tan is going to be on my list.

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