234-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

August 21st, 2552 – Recover, Regroup, Reload, Repeat.
Goldbricking Pilot/Mechanic/Jump-Gate Navigator/Grunt Kat “S-Kat” James Reporting

I was sent here to rest and recoup before heading home, and once the dispatches were given I was told that it would take them a day or two to gather the supplies, duty done— I decided to make the most of my assignment.

They told me to rest and that was exactly what I did. I slept, swam, ate, and sunned myself. I got lost following the beach one way, and then came back the same way. And then I got up and did it all over again.

It’s almost enough to forget being shot at by training droids— except of course for the graze wounds and burns, but another cycle of walks, naps, and snacking took care of that.

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