251-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

September 7th, 2552 – Change for the worse
Escape artist/Jump-Gate Navigator/Possible Plague Victim Kat “S-Kat” James Reporting

The two scientists I brought back registered as having chemical changes in their system, but even as Fipps and the Life Sciences folks started to study them, they registered as normal once again, their blood chemistry came back as normal, and they started acting like themselves again.

Since they, and I, have been exposed to whatever it was— We have volunteered to go back and study the phenomenon in person. We need to figure out if the changes are planetary/atmosphere related or some weird sort of exposure thing with the sunlight/radiation in the area.

As it is, I will drop my two ‘kidnapping’ victims back near the base, hopefully taking off before I can be put back in the brig or executed, and then get readings on the differing levels and forms of radiation in the area.

Our military escort will begin cycling back to the Valkyrie’s View – now located in a friendlier solar system with radiation levels we’re familiar with to make sure that they aren’t affected.

As it is we can’t come back unless we can prove we’ve figured out whatever it is and have dealt with it.

Sure to be a fun time for all.

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