253-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

September 9th, 2552 – Medically Induced Meditative State
Escape artist/Probable Plague Victim/Subversive Influence Kat “S-Kat” James Reporting

What a difference a day can make, at least for some of us. The crew of the skiff is divided into two major classifications: security and medical.

The patients are divided into three categories: the dangerous and heavily medicated; the moderately coherent but still dangerous; and me.

I’m somewhere between dangerous and why haven’t you tranqed this one?

As far as security is concerned, I’m a mechanic and semi-reformed convict and therefore I have no morals and am a danger to everyone on the crew. No matter what I or the other pilots tell them, they know I was able to sabotage the containment field the scientists had created.

The pilots did try to explain that I wasn’t a danger, but one or two of them were about to point out all the things I could do if I wanted to. Thankfully G-man stepped in before they pointed out that I was one of the few people who could actually open a well without any mechanical assistance.

Yeah, that would have been a short trip to an isolated room with meds on tap.

Everyone seems to be recovering – the folks who were planet-side at a slower rate than those who’d been on patrol— we’re still unruly and temperamental but not a direct threat.

Hopefully by tomorrow things will be better.

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