258-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

September 14th, 2552 – Rescue Operations
Escape artist/Subversive Rescue Operations Director Kat “S-Kat” James Reporting

Our Salvage message quickly became a rescue mission when we found out, thanks to our computer and linguistic specialists, that many of the Ani in the medical bays had been put into stasis. As chaos reigned, orders were given for crew, and their families to shelter in place.

We started with the ship we were on – but we only found one viable stasis chamber with a small child about 3-5 years old, if our translations are correct.

Druckab did change his tune a little when we asked for translations but his reaction was not what we expected. He told us to 86 the fleet- whatever had happened Order 12 had been evoked and that meant no-one from the fleet would be accepted back into Ani society.

Worse, anyone harboring the fugitives would be executed with them. The more I learn about the Ani, the more I want to use the Fates’ term for them.

We did find out that it was not the effect of the suns, or something unique to that area – it was a trap of sorts set by a people Druckab refers to as “Lasatiea” which according to our linguistics folks means, figuratively, “people you do not want to meet in an alley, dark or otherwise.” Literally it means “Those who sew death and reap agony.”

Yeah, they sound like nice people – especially if they’ve come up with a way to poison an area of space and infect supposedly sealed ships.

Tequila Sunrise is now a no-go planet. Well, no go once I cleared our equipment from the surface while teams worked on rescuing the people who could be saved and of course – salvaging the ships.

I guess it’s not Russian Roulette if you know approximately when the gun is going to fire and stay clear of the muzzle.

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