261-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

September 17th, 2552 – Human is a state of mind
Structural Engineer/Subversive Rescue Operations Director Kat “S-Kat” James Reporting

Now that we’ve identified the source of our problems and, more importantly, how to counter them we’re getting to work on salvage and honoring the dead. We have to do this relatively quickly since we aren’t sure if the effects of the infection are cumulative or not and we have no idea if or when an Ani destroyer will be showing up to finish the job.

But we can’t just leave, there’s too much useful equipment, parts, and raw material here not to try and salvage something.

We’ve got a fighter that I’ve been working on. It’s taken me a day to figure out how to fly it and from the looks of things, a trip to the well is programmed to include homing in on the nearest Ani fleet. The technology built into this thing and some of the other equipment is going to be vital to us if we want to survive.

We’re getting 3D schematics on everything, courtesy of Fipps’ utilities so we can review it later, but it takes time, and we need to get as much from the actual equipment as we can. Let’s face it, when it comes to Ani technology, the diagrams all end with ‘Magic happens here.’

We need to understand that magic to make it work, but we also need to be off this pile of wreckage as quickly as possible— before the Ani arrive and things mushroom into a full out war.

Since the Ani wouldn’t share with us their funeral rites, we had the Chaplain come up with something fitting. I know it wasn’t what the Ani would have done – but I hope the sentiment is understood.

Druckab asked me why. Why was it so important to us, why we would waste our time and resources and I realized that this is something so fundamental to me, all I could say was “It’s what you do…”

It’s like stopping a getaway to administer first aid… life is precious. You save what you can and you mourn what you can’t.

That’s what it is to be human.

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