266-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

September 22nd, 2552 – This means war
Structural Engineer/Subversive Rescue Operations Director Kat “S-Kat” James Reporting

So, sabotage, attempted murder are not acceptable causes to go to war— but destruction or property, attempted data theft, and laying the groundwork for genocide are.

Got it. I could have told them it would end this way – but I admit my opinion of the Ani, and the Parataph who let them try to execute me is a bit petty, but it’s hard not to take things like that personally.

And from a logistical standpoint, I can see why the brass didn’t want to go to war over one convict pilot.

The brass did talk to Druckab before drafting their declaration and we learned that if we declare war on the Ani – we declare war on the Parataph, whether they agree the Ani started it or not, the formal declaration would have come from us and to declare war on one member state is to declare war on the whole conglomeration.

So the powers that be have charged the Ani with sabotage, destruction of property, and plotting the demise of an entire species.

They’ve declared war on us by our standards but not by those of the Parataph -instead, they get a warning and we get a time out. But make no mistake – we are at war.

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