288-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

October 14th, 2552 – Stupid Time games
Pilot/Explorer/Interpreter Kat “S-Kat” James Reporting

While I’m not as clear on what I found – while I’ve been working with the fleet along the edge of the void – an older, more experienced, hopefully, wilier version of me has been going over the fighter I misplaced.

The only problem is, what I know and feel is only at a more instinctual level… like something in the back of my mind. I took a look at what Fipps and his people had worked out and it made sense, and there were a few instances when I looked at the diagrams and was able to identify the purpose of some of the circuits and designs.

The only problem with only having structural scans is the fact that the software that goes with it is a big box of ‘magic happens here’— only I’m starting to understand the purpose behind the magic and how the trick works… but I’m only starting.

Unless older me can get me some hard data for them to look at— I’m just the kid who walks by and says ‘I this section supports the anti-collision device.’

It helps— but not nearly as much as it could. What I need is a manual, written by me, that I can translate but for now, each day when I do a walk-through, I can identify a few more pieces.

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