293-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

October 19th, 2552 – Daily Briefing
Pilot/Explorer/Interpreter Kat “S-Kat” James Reporting

While our daily briefings include what’s been going on outside our mobile pocket on the edge of the universe, the outside report is mostly – they moved— two inches; someone is opening a well near the remains of the Twilight of the Gods; Nobody found us, yet.

I still get regular hunches from my older self and Baljatuun has learned how to give me a smiley face or a frowny face to let me know how things are going from his point of view.

We’re all chaffing a little since we’re pretty much standing still physically, but our knowledge of the expansion of the universe and the contraction of the void is growing exponentially.

I’m just not sure we can use it.

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