310-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

November 5th, 2552 I think – Falling into routine
New Guy/Convict Consriptee Kat “S-Kat” James Reporting

Since I’m now sleeping on the Gumbo – I’ve started a new routine in the morning – before I’m supposed to fall in for chow, I’ve been doing the sun-salutation or as much of it as I can remember from training so I’ve picked that up again.

Yoga helps me maintain flexibility and, more importantly, some sense of normalcy/routine in my life.
After the day’s work, and dealing with people, I decided I needed some form of exercise to keep me going, so I finished off the evening with as much of the Yang Long Form as I could remember. It fell apart at some point after brushing the horse’s mane, but I tried.

I may mix things up and start the day with Tai Chi tomorrow and Yoga at night. As it is, my guard asked me about it and I explained that one is a form of exercise the other a martial art.

They did not believe Tai Chi was a Martial Art until I sped it up. It was also the first time I felt actual energy flow with I went through the Tai Chi form.

Something has changed inside me- there’s no getting around it now.

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