311-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

November 6th, 2552 – Facilities
New Guy/Convict Consriptee Kat James Reporting

So – I’m no longer a pilot and as near as I can tell, based on what Adalgisa, Askir and Almir have told me – I will remain a trustee until my people ransom me back.

It’s a nice thought but since my people are carefully avoiding any contact with the Parataph in general and the Ani in particular – I am pretty much stranded. Askir and Almir tell me that that’s pretty much the case for any of the ‘envoys’ here.

As near as I can tell, the Askmiri do not go looking for people and the Parataph simply – trust their seers when it comes to forming alliances/letting people into their union.

It means that if they can’t read people they don’t accept them, and their envoys become wards of the state.

The seers, and Adalgisa are fascinated by yoga and Tai Chi and I am now holding classes after hours.

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