32-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

February 1st, 2552 Buckling down

Pilot Mechanic Katherine ‘Kat’ James Reporting

It almost feels like we were all holding our breaths and now that we know where we are, and just how far we are from home, we can get to work.

Until now, we’ve been maintaining the fleet and discussing the possibilities – now we are explorers and we need to get to work.

First order of business – all personnel who will be involved in gathering samples – scientists, Einherjar and pilots alike are being trained in techniques and procedures for dealing with unknown environments. We need to get samples without contaminating them— and not exposing ourselves to the unknown.

Lives and research depend on us doing our jobs safely and securely.

Simply put – we are studying the unknown and no one wants to be a lab rat – even the lab rats don’t want to be lab rats.

That’s why they have convict-conscriptees.

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