Book Reivew – Bam-Bam’s Inked Heart – Siobhan Muir

Author: Siobhan Muir

  • Title: BamBam’s Inked Heart
  • Pages: 235
  • Formats: Paperback, Kindle
  • Availability: Amazon, Three Lakes Books
  • Website: Siobhan Muir

Book Blurb:

Petty Officer Greg “Bam-Bam” Killian is done with marriage, done with long term relationships, and done with the Teams. The injury sustained on his last op has destroyed his dreams of being a SEAL as much as his ex-wife demolished their marriage. Now he’s free to do anything he wants, including get drunk and be miserable.

Zamora Hart has dealt with her fair share of men, both military and civilian. When a wounded petty officer washes up in her tattoo shop, she can’t help but offer him a place to stay for the weekend. She’s been where he is and doesn’t mind paying the help forward, especially when the friendship comes with some intimate benefits. It’s only temporary.

When Zamora’s ex shows up, frightening her with talk of starting over, Greg offers to stay at her place longer to give backup and repay her generosity. He doesn’t intend to fall in love with her, he’s only defending a friend while he shifts his career from active service to BUD/S instructor. But her ex’s threats become more than just talk, and Greg must step up his efforts of protection, because that’s what friends do.

But it’s only temporary and they’re just friends-with-benefits, right?

 The concept:

A man who believes he’s lost everything finds everything he needs if he can stop from getting in his own way.

The Characters:

Main Characters:

Character Name:  Greg “Bam-Bam’ Killian

What works – A man who thought he had everything gets thrown for a loop and tries to land on his feet – after a rather botched attempt involving too much liquor, he lands in the right place in the wrong way.  Fortunately Zamora Hart is there to steady his landing.

Least Favorite trait  – Drunk, self pitying never sits well with me, but fortunately its’ not long lived.

Character Name: Zamora Hart

What works – A woman with a dark past understands what it’s like to lose everything you thought you had, and understands that sometimes we all need a hand is there when Bam-Bam needs someone to lean on.

Least Favorite trait – I hat to see people hurt, and there is that hurt there that keeps her apart.

Why it works/doesn’t work:  One of the things I love about Siobhan’s stories is what she terms ‘Dauntless Romance’ where the women aren’t there to be the helpless damsel in distress.  They’re confident and yeah, they need help but they are far from helpless… and sometimes… there’s some mutual saving going on.

What I liked:  

I loved the tentative relationship, both main characters come with a lot of their own baggage but even after giving up on marriage and commitment, it’s who Bam-bam is and when he sees who Zamora really is… yeah, I like loving the characters and wanting them to be toether

What I didn’t like:

 I do a lot of scolding fictional characters when they’re being appropriately stupid.  And I so hated (as designed) Zamora’s ex.

This is the third book in Siobhan’s Bad Boys of Beta Squad and it’s always good to see the minor character in one story, become the main character in the next.

January 31, 2020

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