343-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

December 8th, 2552 – Causality Casualties
Consociation Pilot Kat James Reporting

I was coming back from patrol with Tower, Adalgisa, Askir and Almir when we managed to jump into the middle of a massacre courtesy of the Lasatiea.

I worked on getting us out, but one of their pilots locked onto our wake. Usually, if we jump fast enough we can get enough of a lead and give them the slip after two or three jumps.

This time they stayed locked onto us tight. They followed us through each jump and actually gained on us. After the fourth jump, I turned off the machine assist and opened three jump points and hit all three of them at the same time, scatting our signature across all three gates while we just slipped sideways into a fourth well I opened on the fly.

I felt like I’d woken up from a three-day bender, but our tail was gone, but that wasn’t enough, I knew we had to get out of there before the pursuit ships started backtracking. We probably wouldn’t have made it if Tower hadn’t taken over and fired the boosters and got us out of there with our Not Quite FTL drive.

Askir handed me a water bottle and made me drink while Almir took my vitals and Adalgisa watched the scanner for Tower.

Once Almir gave the okay, Tower told me to stop messing around and get us out of there. He didn’t have to tell me twice.

Needless to say, we didn’t go back to the fleet, but we did scout out the area and tried to stay out of sight and kept as low a profile as possible. We found a few survivors, but there weren’t many.

Things are definitely heating up.

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