55 Word Fiction

Believe it or not, I’m beginning to think that its easier to write a 55 word story than a 150 word story since there is no room for embellishments that will lead to overwriting…

With the return of the 55 word challenge I’m discovering a whole new world of  writing that befits my ‘sparse style’ as one friend dubbed it.  There’s very little room for descriptions, just enough room to get in, deliver the story and run away.

To be honest, it’s more like writing a joke with a punchline than a story, at least that’s the way it feels and I’m pretty sure its helping me with my 150 word game… we’ll see.. but for now I will leave you with three short 55 word (or less stories)


55 Word Winner

Under your skin 

“You can go anywhere in the world, but until you live there, until you get the dirt under your nails, it will never be home. 

I think my mom was talking about farming. Me, I got a mad bath from a car passing me in the rain last night. The city is now home.


55 Word Overachiever (for using all three picture prompts in one story)


Ethan stood at his crying wall, bemoaning the injustice of it all. He had only left his toy truck out a short while and now a tree had grown up through it. 

It was so unfair.

“Perhaps,” the low rumbling voice of the wall surprised him. “You shouldn’t have left your toys out so long.”


And my latest, and perhaps favorite:


Plans for the afterlife

They sat together, sixty years of marriage had not dimmed their understanding. 

“When I die,”Author asked. “Will you remember me?”

“When you cross that bridge,” Gina replied. “Will you wait for me?”

“Of course,” Author assured her. 

As she was about to smile, he added, “Someone has to fight off the tigers for me.”


Like I said, there’s very little wiggle room in the word count– and I think I like it.



May 21, 2014

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