84-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

March 24th, 2552 Almost but not quite under wraps
Tow Truck Driver/Usual Suspect/mechanic’s apprentice/ – Katherine ‘ConV’ James Reporting

The top-secret package arrived today – Wrapped in the plastics we were taught to wrap artifacts in, only it was wrapped so tightly, no one could tell what we were looking at, which I think was the idea.

The flight of 15 patrol craft arrived late third shift when most of the folks on board the Twilight were down for their sleep cycle.

I was dozing in the Gumbo when the proximity alarm went off. Most people staying onboard the twilight tend to sleep next to an escape pod. The Gumbo, being my ship is my home away from home and as such is a lot more comfortable and familiar, aside from the two Einherjar crashed out in back.

I had managed to turn the radio on and offer a tow when they called for someone from the Edda to assist with bringing their package in.

“Turn the light off, and go back to sleep,” I heard Tower order over the ship’s intercom. I wanted to object but it wasn’t like it would achieve anything other than irritating me and keeping my watchers from getting the shut-eye they need.

So, more hurry-up and wait and I’ll know more in the morning— If they let me.

From the looks of things though, I can deduce one thing – They found a ship.. a ship in unknown space., this is what we were hoping for.

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