85-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

March 25rd, 2552 Need to Know
Tow Truck Driver/Usual Suspect/mechanic’s apprentice/ – Katherine ‘ConV’ James Reporting

I wasn’t the only person to recognize the general build of the ‘package.’ You can wrap it up however you like, but a ship is going to look like a ship under wraps unless you box it first. By the time I decided it was safe to get up, and that my guards had gotten enough sleep, the rumor mill had been working overtime,as had the betting pool.

I put 20 credits on Ship, Alien tech and Top Secret. I won the trifecta— sort of.

It is definitely a ship and the tech is generations more advanced than our tech, Top Secret… yes and no. They assembled the techs they wanted working on it, and again I was singled out as not being part of that team. I was left out again and was starting to wonder why I was still there, until they gave me my own, private walkthrough, once the ship was aboard the Twilight and unwrapped in the hangar bay.

It was the Gumbo… Sort of. I recognized her lines, her markings, the parts where I’d had to get creative with some of my welding to make her work— but her engines were like nothing I had ever seen. I didn’t understand what I was looking at— not exactly, but I recognized the work – it was mine.

Now I understand the hairy eyeballs and watchful eyes. For now, I don’t get to analyze the work that was done, just to identify what matches the current Gumbo and the plans I have for her.

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