People are strange


Maybe I should remind myself, in the grand scheme of things: it doesn’t matter….

I think if  I could just accept the title of this post as the guiding force behind people’s actions, I’d probably be better off.

Think about it.  Instead of thinking ‘why did they park in my yard?’ I could shrug it off with a simple ‘people are strange’ and go about my business.  I mean, it’s probably just a matter of perspective, not one of malice.

My ‘in my yard’ is probably their ‘side of the road,’ and the tulip that was growing ‘in my yard’ that they parked ‘on top of’  was probably just a stray, one leaf plant or, more likely, they just didn’t see it there, crumpled under their tire… just lying there.

its not like it ever bloomed

its not like it ever actually bloomed, it’s been just a leaf for 5 years at least

They weren’t being mean, at least I hope not. It’s not like she planted a flag in my front yard and set up housekeeping, although that would have been strange enough that I would  probably have an easier time accepting the premise that people are strange and I would have moved on by now.

But no, they parked in my yard, on my tulip and I want to know why!

No matter what I think, there’s a part of me– a part of all of us that will look for deeper meaning: I’ll spend countless hours trying to figure out why they did it, and what they meant  by their action: was it personal?  Did I offend them when I watched them turn around in my driveway?  Are they trying to prove something?

Maybe that sneer on their face was because they actually had just tasted something rather disgusting and it had nothing to do with me. Or maybe, like most of us, most of the time, she was just in her own world, focused on her problems and never really even saw me standing there… or my tulip.

The truth is, unless they come out and say why they’ve done something, it’s all speculation, and all the musing in the world isn’t going to bring back my tulip.  So, rather than stressing over the possible meanings, I will simply remind myself that people are strange, and leave it at that.

Well… I’ll try, but it’s hard not to take it personally.  People are strange that way… maybe that’s the real problem: I’m included in that grand observation.

I guess I’m just strange that way.

May 18, 2013

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