Sugar – a 100 word Flash Story

Since I got up way too early, I decided to try a new Flash Fiction site, this one limits you to a constant of 100 words… (give or take).  Unfortunately… what I thought was the prompt was just a picture to go along with the contest rules.  but… I liked the story and thought I’d share:

Sugar – by M.T. Decker

“Mark Branford President of Badger Electronics was arrested this afternoon for embezzlement and fraud.  When asked, police said they were tipped off by a corporate spy within the company…”

The customers half listened to the news report as they feasted on pancakes and omelets.  Today was Ruby’s last day at the diner, and they’d all come to wish her well.

As she finished her breakfast, Mrs. Branford paid her check and included a ten thousand dollar tip for Ruby.

Code Named ‘Sugar’ no one ever suspected that Ruby was a corporate spy, or that Mrs. Branford had hired her.  Alone again, the former wife of an embezzler drank her coffee in peace.

Comments welcomed and appreciated.  Have a good morning!

August 22, 2013

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