157-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

June 5th, 2552 Side Stepping the Enemy
Rescue Pilot/ Part-time mechanic/Jump Point operator Kat James Reporting

We were on our second set of jumps, and I was in the well about to push on when my detector went off – The Enemy was close by and closing in on us.

Since we couldn’t stay in the well without becoming trapped I picked my points and then opened the path. We exited in a different area of space than originally planned and Fipps was ready to have a cow until I pointed the sensor recordings.

“They were in the well. They were trying to find us.”

The next jump was uneventful, but they’re trying to find us when we slip into well. We set our scanners up and gave the fleet a chance to rest and prepare for another series of jumps.

It seems I got about 200 points for avoiding the enemy, but I lost several thousand for taking us off course and making Fipps do math in the back of the Gumbo.

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