282-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

October 8th, 2552 – Exploration
Pilot/Explorer/Interpreter Kat “S-Kat” James Reporting

Today, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about Nietzsche… something about staring into the void and having it stare back.

Yeah, it seems that the void isn’t really all that void – it’s just… not designed for us. There are… beings in the void. Creatures that sail through the nothing and avoid our world— but they are curious.

And they are telepathic.

We had three researchers collapse in front of their telescopes, gibbering like idiots before the void walkers (hey, we have to call them something) stopped trying to communicate with us directly.

I felt them reaching out with the lightest of touches- the mental touch they reserve for their young, but most don’t remember how to only share their surface thoughts.

While I didn’t want to lose my mind – something told me that my experiences with Jatuun and Aziz and even Lil’bit helped.

I didn’t get any real information just a sense of – curiosity and if anything the feel of a crypto-zoologist finding a new animal.

I guess we aren’t the only explorers out there, and crypto depends on which side of the void you’re on.

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