316-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

November 11th, 2552 – Training Buddies
New Guy/Convict Consriptee Kat James Reporting

Well, it’s now official, Adalgisa, Askir, Almir, and I are training buddies. Askir and Almir almost always pair up together and I can tell they’re doing the same thing with their martial arts that I’m doing with Judo – trying to modify it for the environment.

It’s interesting when you show someone a situation and they use their training to deal with it. Since I was trained with finer weapons when it came to spear work, my approach was focusing on point control, so instead of sweeping motions in front I was doing fine disengages in front buy making the big sweeping motion in back.

During the day we formed a work detail and protected each other from the trouble makers and it made sense when another conscriptee was added to our detail, they joined us. I was shocked when I saw that the new captive was none other than Tower.

The Parataph knew we knew each other so we didn’t even pretend, but since we were in different branches of the fleet we kept things professional.

He’s crashing out in the Gumbo with me, much to Adalgisa’s relief – it’s easier to watch over us when we’re together.

It’s funny I now actually feel like I have someone watching my back, as opposed to having someone watch to see if there’s an opening.

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