317-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

November 12th, 2552 – Mechanic
Convict Consriptee Kat James Reporting

Today I was elevated from cleaning crew to mechanic when one of the doors stuck and I was able to not only fix it but augment its functionality. As near as I can tell the Parataph never saw a need for hydraulic lifts on doors and hatches.

I’m now retrofitting cabinets and hatchways with Tower as my assistant and Askir and Almir as our porters. It seems that the promotion comes with a higher quality protein powder and longer rest periods.

It’s nice, but right now the best time is still in the gym because there we’re learning and working things out.

I’ve seen some of the other work details about and I can’t help but feel that they’re planning something and if they do break free— we’re part of the establishment they’re fighting.

I didn’t even need Tower to point that out to me. I think we all knew it on some level or another.

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