318-Valkyrie’s View: A Year Among the Stars

November 13th, 2552 – Crav GarTak Chi
Convict Consriptee Kat James Reporting

Once things had settled down for the evening the five of us ended up working on bringing our arts together. Askir and Almir moved with grace and control that rivaled Tower’s while I turned into a wiggle worm. While the Askmiri avoided attacks, Tower used them to his advantage and controlled what his opponent could do, me, my style involved a lot of avoidance and running away until I found something I could use as a weapon.

I figure if they can’t catch you, they can’t hit you, and if you hit them hard enough, they’re out cold and can’t hurt you.

Between us, we started figuring out ways to combat each style and Adalgisa would simply shake her head at our gyrations. It wasn’t until several other teams joined us in the Gym that we realized our mistake – we were learning what we could do while they were learning how to use it against us.

We got a bit more of a workout than we’d planned but having spent an hour breaking apart each other’s styles working out theirs became a lot easier.

It turns out that wrenches are actually good multipurpose weapons— I mean tools.

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